Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tool #9: Incorporating Classroom-Based Devices as Tools for Learning

1)  It is important to tie the technology to the objective because technology is the voice of the students, how they communicate nowadays, and the best way for the material to connect to them is through the voice they understand.
2)  Students need to be held accountable for the stations/centers to create a vested interest in the material.  The students should want to understand and succeed in at the stations.  Through that the learning will me much deep and profound.
3)  I really liked Interactivate and Manipula Math.  They bring interactive visual representations of complicated concepts. These help the student really understand the mechanics of the concepts and what affects what.  The students could be given analysis questions to be solved by investigating parameter changes on a certain application.
4)  Some cool apps that could be used are Educreations Interactive Whiteboard and Mover Lite.  I see the students all communicating with the ipads, exchanging ideas.  Group research rojects with each students' ipad their own research tool and then all sharing their findings.
5)  The ipad can also be a quiz show "buzzer", entering in their answers with the ipad.

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